#18 of 52: Persuasion by Jane Austen


Persuasion by Jane Austen is the story of one woman’s struggle to keep her family and closest friend happy at the cost of her personal happiness. A tad too dramatic as an introductory sentence? Perhaps. But true! Anne Elliot’s father’s and sister’s frivolous spending have put them in a precarious financial bind. They must put their estate up for rent. Since the passing of Anne’s mother, she has been running the household. Anne Elliot is sensible but she harbors a secret that haunts her daily. She gave up her one true love at a young age due to immaturity as she was persuaded by her dear friend, Lady Russell to give up the idea of marrying a handsome yet impoverished sailor. Anne thinks often of Captain Wentworth; even more so now that his sister Mrs. Croft and her husband Admiral Croft will be renting Anne’s family home.

This is my second favorite Jane Austen novel. Anyone who knows me knows that I have read Mansfield park an unhealthy number of times. I love that book because of Miss Fanny Price. She is my absolute favorite heroine! Eva Thorvald is definitely my second favorite heroine of all time. She’s the protagonist in Kitchens of the Great Midwest which I only recently read for this challenge. But back to Persuasion…I recently realized something about myself. I don’t read and re-read Jane Austen because of her she rights romantic novels of men that fight for the women they love. I read Jane Austen novels because of the strong female roles that always dominate her prose. While Anne Elliot is not one of my favorite heroines she is within my top five but even more so than her, I LOVE Mrs. Croft.

I love that Mrs. Croft finds herself most at home sailing around the world on her husband’s ship just as much as any of the men of his crew. I love that she does it regardless of the stigma of having a woman onboard. I love her sense of adventure and that she so freely speaks her mind. I love that she loves her husband but would just as easily survive without him. I love that she chooses to be with her husband not that she must be with him for financial reasons. I love that they felt no pressure to have children. Mrs. Croft is an elegant, educated woman with very modern sensibilities. I love that about her.

Another reason why I love Jane Austen so much is because she has a very sardonic and somewhat cruel sense of humor. For example, in re-reading this book, I had realized that I had completely forgotten how harshly she describes the Musgroves’ son, Richard Musgrove. “The real circumstances of this pathetic piece of family history were, that the Musgroves had had the ill fortune of a very troublesome, hopeless son; and the good fortune to lose him to sea, because he was stupid and unmanageable on shore; that he had been very little cared for at any time by his family, though quite as much as he deserved; seldom heard of, and scarcely at all regretted, when the intelligence of his death abroad had worked its way to Uppercross, two years before. He had, in fact, though his sisters were now doing all they could for him, by calling him ‘poor Richard,’ been nothing better than a thick-headed, unfeeling, unprofitable Dick Musgrove, who had never done any thing to entitle himself to more than the abbreviation of his name, living or dead.”ย I was in tears from how hard I laughed after I read this. I sat in my reading hammock just imagining one of Jane’s good friends reading that and realizing “oh my god, she’s used my brother as a character in her book” or worse, that one of her male friends or rather from the sounds of it, enemies, would come to realize she was referring to him! Jane wasn’t one to mince words! Hahaha…

I’ve also noticed that whenever I’m reading a Jane Austen novel I take an uncharacteristically long time to read it. I get lost in the rich language and the interactions between the characters. I tend to read the book aloud in a heavy British accent. I can’t very well internalize it in my South Floridian accent. It’s not the same! It loses all effect without the posh British accent and dismissive tone! It’s a must. I’ve also noticed that my favorite Jane Austen heroines are not pompous classist pains in the butt. Anne loves her family but wholeheartedly disagrees with them when it comes to sucking up to Lady Dalrymple.

Finally, the last thing I’ve noticed is that I appreciate Persuasion and Mansfield Park most of all her books because the love stories aren’t arduous, bombastic or overtly dramatic. They’re credible and relevant; just like her protagonists in both these books. Jane Austen always made it a point to highlight real issues that the women of her time faced. She had a keen sense of what a relationship was truly about and didn’t allow the reader to simply get lost in the romance of it all. She addressed real issues and brought them to the forefront in a subtle yet effective manner.

As usual, I gave this book a five (5) on Goodreads. I never get tired of reading it and whenever I reread it, I either discover or rediscover something wonderfully unexpected about myself.

Much love,

Globetrotter Momma


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  1. Loved your review and everything Jane Austen. Such a great commentary on her female characters. I have to re-read some; it’s been ages. My favorite places to escape usually has some element of ‘historical’ and /or ‘British’ in it. And so it made me happy to read it. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you. Those are my favorite places to escape as well! I can’t wait for you to pick up a Jane Austen book. It’ll make you feel powerful in the end. Just remember, don’t focus so much on the romance side. Focus on Fanny’s exquisite prolific writing and creativity. Her devotion to Edmund…her best friend. Notice Anne Elliot’s resilience amidst her family’s superficiality and despondence. I love how halfway through the book, she grows a backbone and stands up to them. Enjoy!


  3. Jane Austen is my favorite author!

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    1. She’s one of my favorites so I can completely understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. One of her novels is very close to describing her own life, I can’t remember which one!

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      2. I’m not sure either. But now that you mentioned it, I’ll just HAVE to find out. Lol I’ll let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. I think it’s Emma. Try to find out and let me know!

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  4. I also enjoy reading Jane Austen slowly too so I can savour and Persuasion is my favourite book, followed by Mansfield park and P+P. The only book I can’t quite get on with is Northanger abbey.

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    1. Ha…that’s interesting. I’ve never been able to get into Northanger Abbey either. Maybe I’ll try it again this year. I love Persuasion but Mansfield Park owns my heart. I love that you get me! Jane Austen MUST be read slowly! Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Great review! And yay, so glad to see another person who enjoyed Mansfield Park the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Ah! I LOVE that you also love Mansfield Park. It’s my absolute favorite. Actually, I’m probably due to read it again.

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